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How can diabetes affect your fertility?

Diabetes can also cause or contribute to infertility in men due to nerve damage, DNA damage, erectile dysfunction or other health issues. Men with diabetes often have lower semen volume than men who do not have diabetes. This means that it is imperative that a proper diet and an exercise regimen are put into place for both men and women.

Although there are several ways to evaluate your current diet and many free tools available online, I recommend that you first take small steps to make a change. Everything that you put in your body lays a framework for health. Taking the time to assess your current diet can help you make adjustments where they are needed. When you first make this assessment, write your log in the format outlined at the end of this book to help guide you. For approximately one week, write down everything that you consume, including food and beverages. When people add their nutritional information, they may count only food without realizing that the drinks consume also contain carbohydrates and calories. Make sure to take note of breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as any snacks that you have consumed throughout the day along with the serving size. Tracking the serving size will help you calculate the nutritional information. Keep track of how much water you drink as well. At the end of one week, add the amount of calories, carbohydrates, and fat for each meal. Include your daily exercise information, including the type of exercise and the duration.

Please don’t become too rigid with the changes you make or go over the top. There is no reason to become militant in your regimen, as it will impose additional stress on you. Keep in mind that the guidelines that I provide are meant to restore balance to your body, not put you further off balance. If you find these changes challenging, keep moving forward as they become part of your new way of life.

It is always important to call up and get a consultation to experts about this matter. Acupuncture can help you with getting fit and staying healthy. Try calling practitioners about this matter.

Source: Arlington Acupuncture

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