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The bathroom is usually the first place you visit in the morning, and the last stop before bed. Since the bathroom is where we spend a good amount of valuable time, why not turn it into a relaxing spa retreat type getaway?

Some bathroom remodeling can change the mood is as simple as re-decorating, changing the lighting, or even applying a small amount of paint. Spa retreats are known for their relaxing colors, soothing smells and calming environment. With a few supplies, or trip to the local home decor store, you can bring the essence of a spa retreat right into your home.

The first thing you want to do is get rid of excess clutter. Spa retreats have a sense of organization; so in order to feel that way at home, don’t have bottles and products lying about the bathtub or the room. The best use of money would be in storage, because that helps eliminate clutter without getting rid of everything useful, such as electric appliances or extra towels. Serene Retreats tend not to have an abundance of decorations, which in turn create the ‘Zen’ that we all go searching for.

The color palette of the bathroom should be peaceful, and most people opt for warm browns, beiges or cream colors. These colors allow the room to appear as though it was wide open and clean. If you prefer to have color in your spa retreat, choose earth colors to lighten up the room no matter what the size. Paint colors can open up a small room, or even lighten up a room without natural light.

Colors have a calming effect. Tones in a soft blue tends to be relaxing and cooling, cream is inviting and warm, and sea greens create a soothing experience. Keep bathroom accessories, like towel racks, mirrors or sink top decorations to a minimum. By having only a modern simplistic amount of accessories, the room takes on a spa retreat-like atmosphere, in that it is visually calming and clean.

If your bathroom has no access to direct or natural light, skylights are an option to bring in sun throughout the whole day. Skylights brighten up the room with natural light, and are also a decorative feature perfect for you own spa retreat. If light fixtures already exist in the bathroom and are adequate, tone down brightness by changing to a softer light bulb, or find upward facing light fixtures.

The final steps to creating your very own spa retreat are to add decorations that calm and sooth you while you relax. Add candles around the tub or sink top, have a basket of bath salts nearby and add a bath pillow to the tub. Aromatherapy is also a great way to unwind. Lavender and vanilla scents are great together, as well as juniper or eucalyptus oils.

Everyone can use a little rest and relaxation, but can’t always find the spare time. By making your very own spa retreat in the bathroom, you can spend every day unwinding in the comfort in your own home.

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