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You should never feel obligated to tip especially if you can’t afford to but if you feel that you should tip something for a job well done, in order to show your appreciation why not tip with a meal? After a long day’s work tired workers may enjoy a nice, hearty meal complete with both food and drink such as tea, coffee or soda.

Ahead of time you may ask each individual worker where they would like to eat and take a hand raised vote on the most popular pick of fast food chains or restaurants. Once the place of business has been chosen, print out a menu from a computer or go to the fast food chain or restaurant and pick one up. Using the menu, take an order for each individual. Place the order at least half a day to a day early depending on how many workers you have. If you have a good many workers you may have to place the order a week ahead unless their services were less than a week. When you place the order provide an expected pick up time if you order carry out or the delivery time for which you would like your order to be delivered.

Placing the order ahead of time will give the fast food chain or restaurant an advance notice so that they’ll have time to prepare your food. In other words, they can prep early enough for your order just in case they get too busy to handle it at the time that you desire the food. Or to order enough food from their supplier if you have a big order and have called it in a week or more ahead of time.

Another nice gesture would be to have a meal catered. A catered meal is something that the workers would appreciate and remember long after they’ve moved on to the next job. Plus if you ever need their services again like painting, flooring, or drywall repair, they may go out of their way to perform an even better, exceptional service than before.

Tipping with a meal may cost you anywhere from five to ten dollars a person. It can run even more than that. So a meal won’t necessarily be a cheap tip. If you place a big order at a fast food chain or restaurant they may give you a discount. If they don’t voluntarily give you a discount ask them if you can have a discount or if they have combos, which will feed several people. Sometimes combos are cheaper than buying an individual meal. Find out about discounts or combos at the time that you are placing your order so that you can get a good deal.

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